Month: November 2017

If you’re a fan of fighting games, this is the right place for you. We made a list of our all time favorite fighting games. You will enjoy fighting game if you’re looking for adrenaline, competition and some fast moves. You can play it with your friends in an offline mode and find out who’s the toughest guy or gal.


Street Fighter V

If there is a god amongst fighting games, Street Fighter will definitely be the one. This fighting franchise is legendary. Fifth series continuous the greatness of the game and also adds some new cool things. The only bad thing is that it’s available only on PlayStation 4 and PC. That’s too bad for Nintendo and Xbox fans.


Killer Instinct

We can now enjoy Killer Instinct on Windows 10 PCs as well as on Xbox one. Thank you for that! This is a magnificent fighting game. Some may even put it above Street Fighter. It’s all thanks to great gameplay, excellent combo system and lagless multiplayer.


You can download Killer Instinct for free. Also, there is an option for buying characters and different seasons.


The King of Fighters XIV

King of Fighters franchise is also one of the greatest there is. The fourteenth series comes with 3D graphic styles. Truth be told, graphics are not perfect and cannot match some of the finest games but a lot of other great things make up for that. The gameplay and mechanics are one of those things. They’re so good, you’ll forget about those not perfect graphics.


You won’t get bored with this game. There are around 50 different characters with various move sets and styles. You can enjoy in different single and multiplayer modes.



If you’re new to fighting games, Skullgirls is the one to start with. It has many advantages. It’s easy to play and very newbie – friendly. You’ll be able to study very detailed tutorial. It’s not expensive and you can play it on older hardware also. The game is available on multiple platforms.


Mortal Kombat XL

This list wouldn’t be legit if there wasn’t a game from Mortal Kombat franchise. It’s brutal and painful but stunningly beautifully styled.



BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger

BlazBlue offers different fighting styles for each character. You’re able to choose a character according to fighting style you like the most. Multiplayer mode allows players all over the world to compete in fighting. Great action is followed with wonderful soundtrack.


Guilty Gear Xrd – Revelator

Another interesting game comes from creator of BlazBlue. This one is easier to learn but pretty hard to master. It has beautiful 3D cell – animation graphics. You’ll be amazed with its anime – styled graphics and unique characters.


Dead or Alive 5

This one offers you great fighting and beautiful girls. Do we need to say anything more? It’s not only about cute girls jumping around. Dead or alive 5 give you more than that. With its magnificent graphics and exciting action, this game is worth any gamers respect.

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