Mortal Kombat X (mobile) – Should You Play it?

The mobile version of the Mortal Kombat X is a hard topic to tackle. We’ve been asked for a number of times to shed some light on this game and show some of our thoughts with our readers so we are going to do it right now. Want to keep this short so, don’t expect an in-depth review of the product.


It’s mostly a TCG (trading card’s game)

Basically, it is a Mortal Kombat themed game rather than an actual installment of the series. At least, that’s how it feels to us, the veterans. Instead of unlocking characters you are unlocking cards. Technically, this is a trading card game rather than a 2D fighter. However, that doesn’t mean that there’s no fighting involved in this game’s core play, no.


Souls and Koins:

Whenever you wind a match, you will be awarded with souls. They are the games premium currency and they’re used for pretty much everything. There are other currencies as well, some exclusive to PVP while others are premium. You will want to have as many souls, alliance points and coins if you want to have the best possible team that you can. Additionally, you may option to use Mortal Kombat X generator for unlimited koins and souls since obtaining these involves a a lot of time.


Strategy phase:

You have a roster of familiar and beloved characters from previous games to unlock and play with. You assemble a team of three fighters and you enter the Mortal Kombat tournament. The trick is to try and make it so that the character abilities (both passive and active ones) are complementing each other. This is the strategic part of the gameplay but there is one more aspect of the game that you should know about.


Battle phase:

Even though this is not a pure 2D fighting game like the previous installments were, there is still some fighting to be had here. Although not as in-depth and diverse as we’re used to from the MK series, fighting is fighting.

You attack by tapping on your screen. Blocking can be done by holding two fingers on the screen at the same time. If you manage to land a combo or a couple of consecutive hits on your enemy, you may trigger a special move. These are mostly contextual and they will ask of you to do a series of QTE’s (quick time events) and, depending on your precision, speed and general success of your inputs, you charge your damage output.


Once you finally get your hands on a fighter that you’ve been after for a while,  you’ve only begun unlocking that character. To be more precise, unlocking the character only allows you to add him (or her) into one of your teams. If you want to reach that characters full potential, you will have to “re-buy” that character for nine additional times and upgrade him (or her) by doing this. It’s weird, yes but as we’ve said, this is mainly a trading card game.


So there you have it. We are not going to recommend this game or say that you shoul skip it. It’s an entry in MK franchise and although non-canon, it can still be fun. It is especially good to have something like this if you don’t own the PlayStation/Xbox or PC version of the game. It could be a fun pastime but it should not be taken seriously as other games.

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