Mortal Kombat Makes a Comeback – Mortal Kombat X Review

Mortal Kombat X is available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


With Mortal Kombat 9’s great story, gameplay and modes, Mortal Kombat X was expected to be as good as its predecessor and even better. It wasn’t a small task for the creators. In spite of the pressure they were under, creators of MK series had succeeded. NetherRealm Studio hasn’t disappointed anyone. On the contrary, they’ve done a pretty good job.



Mortal Kombat X is missing some of the fan – favorite’s characters but we can still enjoy in plenty of great old characters. Also, they added some new interesting and playable fighters who blended well with the game.


Every character is smoothly animated and a real pleasure to play and watch. There are many perfectly fitted details. This segment is almost flawless.


Picking a favorite character is not an easy task anymore. It will be hard to choose just one you like the best. There is something for everyone. They added many variations. There are new weapons and move sets for every fighter. No matter what you like, you’ll be able to choose between wide set of options available.


Although there are new characters, they’re not entirely unknown to the franchise. Many of them are somehow related to the old one. For example, there are Sonya Blade and Johnny Cage’s daughter Cassie, Jax Briggs’ daughter Jacqui, Kung Lao’s cousins Kung Jim, and Kenshi’s son Takahashi Takeda. They represent a new vision but also dedication to old Mortal Kombat series.


The Story

The story of the Mortal Kombat X picks up 25 years after the last one. It’s a solid story. It’s not innovative but it’s playable. Story mode could have been more exciting but we wouldn’t characterize it as bad. We may call it decent. Not as great as the previous one, but still good. Smart thing is that there are far less chapters. It’s good for learning fighter’s move sets.



Mode Selection

If there are any flaws in the story, the mode selection will make up for that. Mortal Kombat X offers many modes. Players can choose from variety of modes. Great addition is the Test your lack mode which enables different experiences. There are plenty of interesting things modifiers bring to the game. Some of them punish, some buff, others make some crazy battle changes. They all together brought more fun to the game and made it more exciting.


Living Towers

Mortal Kombat X brings us some new experience with the Living Towers. Challenge Towers remained the same but the Living Towers are the fresh innovation to the game. They come in three different forms and change constantly. The change comes every hour, every few hours, or every day.



If you’re a fan of Mortal Kombat 9, you’ll like this one. Actually, every Mortal Kombat franchise fan will be pleased with this game. It has some small flaws but they are compensated with some other great qualities. Play the game and enjoy in another great Mortal Kombat adventure.

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